1. Why am I getting so many bills and why am I getting one from you?
  2. Why is my bill so high?
    • The District calculates your sewer service fee using the water meter readings it receives from the Denver Water Department for your account. If your average annual water usage is more than the District’s base annual water usage level, you will be charged an additional fee for the gallons of water you used above the base. For additional information on the District’s current service fee rates, refer to the District’s Newsletter or its Service Fees Schedule.
  3. Why are you billing me for an underdrain service fee?
  4. How often are you going to bill me?
    • The District bills its customers annually in February. For additional information see Billing Information.
  5. Why did I get a bill for an Underdrain Variance Fee charge?
    • A $250 underdrain variance fee has been charged to your account if your home has a sump pump, but you have not submitted the proper paperwork for an underdrain variance to the District. If you feel that the District’s records are inaccurate, please contact the District Engineer’s office at (303) 586-5800 immediately.
  6. Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
    • Yes you can. Please refer to our Billing Information section for instructions on how to do so.
  7. I have sold my home, how do I change service?
  8. I rent my home, am I responsible for the fees?
    • It depends on your agreement with your landlord. If you are responsible for paying our bill, please see New Customers.
  9. I am a title company and I need to get a status or final, who do I contact?
  10. What is an underdrain?
  11. Is my home connected to the underdrain system?
  12. Who do I call to report a water leak or problems with my water pressure?
    • Please call: Denver Water at (303) 893-2444. After hours, call (303) 628-6000. Additional information is located on their website www.denverwater.org.
  13. Who do I call to report a manhole cover that is off or missing?
    • Call the District’s Maintenance Contractor: C&L Water Solutions, Inc., at (303) 791-2521.
  14. Who do I call if I am experiencing a sewer back-up?
    • Review the information found in this link – Service Line Cleaning – to determine if root infiltration might be the cause of your problem. If you need further guidance, you can call the District’s Maintenance Contractor: C&L Water Solutions, Inc., at (303) 791-2521.

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