New Customers:   If you are a new homeowner or a commercial business and haven’t filled out the District’s Utility Transfer Information form, please contact us immediately at (303) 674-3379, ext. 200. We will gladly give you a status of account and assist you in putting the utility in your name. For information about the service fees charged by the District or your bill, please see Services Fees & Other Charges and Billing Information sections.

Title Companies:   If you are a title company, please contact us at (303) 674-3379, ext. 200, to obtain the customer’s current balance information. Homeowners are billed once per year in February which covers the period of January 1 to December 31 of the same year. We do not prorate bills. The District charges a $45 Utility Transfer Fee. You are required by the District to obtain a Status of Account and Utility Transfer Information form which should be signed by the new homeowner at closing when the transfer fee is collected.

The Grant Ranch area is serviced by our District along with the Denver Water Department and the City of Littleton. Please refer to Other Service Providers for further information.

Renters:   If you are a new renter in the District and haven’t filled out the Billing Information Change Request form, please click on the link below to download it now. Be sure to have the owner of the property sign the form where indicated. You can forward the completed form to us at 2922 Evergreen Parkway, Suite 320, Evergreen, CO 80439 or fax it to us at (303) 674-3380. For information about your bill, please see our Billing Information section.

Billing Information Change Request – Tenant

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