Per the District’s Rules and Regulations, all new developments within the District and all structures in the District shall have underdrain systems that flow by gravity to the District’s underdrain system unless an underdrain variance is granted.

Underdrain Section 7.102 of the District’s Rules and Regulations describes the process for applying for an underdrain variance.

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To request an underdrain variance, refer to Exhibits N and N.1 in the Rules and Regulations section.

For homeowners in the Grant Ranch development, a special underdrain variance process was implemented in June, 2003 by the District after it became aware that some of the homes in the Grant Ranch did not have their foundation drains connected to the District’s underdrain system. The District’s brochure, 2003 Grant Ranch Underdrain News and Information, can be downloaded for a detailed explanation of the special underdrain variance process.

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If, after reading the District’s information on underdrains, you have any questions, please feel free to call the District Manager’s office or the District Engineer’s office.

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